29 Minute Hangout Matt BaranThis week on the 29 Minute Hangout with the Elite Marketing Chef’s Doug and myself, we had a very special guest.

It’s not often that I hear about people attending live events for the first time, looking for a way out of their corporate lifestyle.

But for someone that was NOT involved in network marketing or internet marketing… just looking for a way to make money online to attend No Excuses Summit and in 18 months be building his 6-figure online business. Working with NES and EMP as their number one company to go to to drive mass amounts of traffic to their offers and events.

It was a pleasure to sit down and hangout with Matt Baran.

I swear these 29 minutes just flew by and the questions and training that we got from him was insane.

29 Minute Hangout w/ Matt Baran

Matt is the master of PPV traffic and FB traffic. This guy had been killing it with PPV traffic and we got him to reveal some of his best strategies for PPV and just what the heck PPV is?

This is a fast paced 29 minute hangout. So grab a paper & pen, and get ready to take some mind blowing notes!

29 Minute Hangout Highlights

For me there were some key highlights of the 29 Minute Hangout that I want to share.

1. Go to LIVE Events

2. Invest In A Coaching Program. The one Matt talked about was Elite Marketing Pro. A Marketing System with a built in coaching system called Ignition Coaching. This is the foundation.

3. Focus on one traffic strategy until it produces consistent leads and results.

4. Be willing to invest either time or money into yourself and your business.

What is PPV? It stands for Pay Per View and it has to do with going after targeted traffic to produce the highest quality leads possible.

In the 29 Minute Hangout Matt Baran referred to 3 different PPV systems that you can use based on your experience and budget.

This had to be one of the best training’s I had seen on PPV and Matt Baran did a great job keeping everything simple and easy to follow. Looking forward to having him back on our hangout again.

As he mentioned, his site is under construction but in a few weeks you will be able to connect with him at 10MinTraffic.com

29 Minute Hangout Mission

Our mission every week with the 29 Minute Hangout is to bring to you top industry leaders and have them share how they got started. What the road was like, and what they are doing today to build their business.

We encourage audience participation through our live Q&A during the broadcast. We want to make these leaders approachable. They are just like you and me. Their road has been bumpy but worth the journey and we hope that is something you take away from each of our 29 minute hangouts.

Give the Elite Marketing Chef’s Doug & I 29 Minutes…. You’re not going to believe what we can get our guests to reveal.

Next weeks special guest is Adam Chandler!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    3 replies to "29 Minute Hangout w/ Matt Baran"

    • Ruthanne

      Thanks Katrina for the video! That was soooo helpful. 🙂

    • Jeff Beeman

      I have not went down the path of PPV just yet but I have done some PPC on FB and clearly Paid advertising can and will get fast results. Always easier to see results quicker for those needed tweaks in a campaign when you focus on one traffic strategy.
      Love the format of the 29 minute hangout.. very helpful!

      • Katrina

        Hi Jeff! PPV is still new to me, but I love it and how it works. When you can got after targeted URL that get traffic and basically get leads for just pennies. I love a traffic strategy that works!

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