29 minute podcastLast night, I had the opportunity to interview Diane Hochman on the 29 Minute Hangout.

If you don’t know who Diane Hochman is, then let me do a quick intro.

Diane Hochman is the Queen of Social Media. Since 1996 Diane had been involved in the internet marketing industry. Cutting her teeth on new technology this powerhouse has built a strong following online.

She is known for her straight talk and simple marketing. She is funny, beautiful, and one of the most down to earth “Guru’s” I know. She has generated over 6-figures in product launches. Networked with other leaders and is part of the MLM industry.

I am still freaking out a little… She was our first guest speaker for the 29 Minute Hangout!

The fact that she said yes, and helped us kick off this amazing new show is freaking awesome!

Even more astounding was what she taught in just 29 minutes. I almost feel like we should have a paid subscription for this show now.


29 Minute Hangout w/ Diane Hochman

Watch to discover why Diane Hochman is clawing at the screen!

Can you believe the biggest secret she shared in just the first 5 minutes! HOLY COW!

It was so much fun to interview her and really get some great insight of how to start building online today. No techie skills required.

Also the book that she recommends is the The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

What were your 3 biggest take-a-ways from this interview on the 29 Minute Hangout?

What’s Next For 29 Minute Hangout?

Chef Doug DeMercurio and I will be interviewing not only top leaders but also up and coming leaders. We want to spotlight those getting results and helping others.

During our 29 minute hangouts we request audience participation. We want you asking the question because ultimately this is your business we are talking about. We are also taking guest recommendations.

Each week we will be hosting a new leader and in just 29 minutes we will get them to reveal some of their biggest secrets.

Next week Jan. 27th our special guest will be Ferny Ceballos. A MIT graduate that walked away from it all to pursue his passion with network marketing and internet marketing. Today he puts on one of the biggest Internet Marketing events called the No Excuses Summit.

He is a master marketer and I can’t wait to have you be part of the interview!

If you got value from this interview with Diane Hochman please comment below. What were your 3 biggest take-a-ways?

Also appreciate if you would share this post on your favorite social media site(s).

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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