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How many of you wish you had amazing headlines for your emails that made people want to open and read them?

Not too long ago I struggles with email marketing. I think my opt-out rate was higher than my opt-in rate at one point. It’s embarrassing to admit it but it’s true.

My email headlines sucked… few people opened the emails I sent.

I never knew what to write without coming across as sales-y….. ugh!

Everything just seemed hard. Can you relate?

So what changed? I got smart and started studying copywriting. What A Game Changer!

Now I want to pass what I learned on to you, seem fair? I thought you would like this….

20 Email Headlines That Will Get Your Subscriber’s Begging to Open Your Emails!

What I am about to share with you now are the 5 categories of a good headline and some examples in each one. These categories are proven to improve the open rate of your emails.

These categories and headlines were shared with me by my good friend Vitaly Grimblat. A very talented email marketer and copywriter. As you read through these headlines use them as guides and be creative with your own email headlines.


  1. My wife caught me watching (PG-13)  – (copywriting course)
  2. The Wealthy Idiot – (traffic course)
  3. Let’s Talk About S… – (marketing course)
  4. What the Heck is going on?  (weight loss)


  1. Your Ultimate Guide to Safety & Wealth – (Financial)
  2. #1 Way to get HOT women – (dating)
  3. How to BREAK THROUGH the next income barrier (marketing)
  4. Goodbye Shoulder Pain (wellness)


  1. 5 ways to lose a girl FAST (dating)
  2. 10 Squeeze Page Mistakes (marketing)
  3. 5 Ways to Use Twitter to Improve Your Marketing (Twitter)
  4. 8 Reasons Not To Attend My Seminar (copywriting)


  1. How Does $50 Dollars in Your Wallet Sound? (printing)
  2. Do You Do This In The Morning? (Marketing)
  3. Are Your Lungs Dying? (health)
  4. How Dangerous Is Your Daily Shower? (health)

News Worthy:

  1. Could Your iPhone Be The Most Dangerous Cell Phone EVER? (health)
  2. 40,000 will see this daily (copywriting)
  3. The Vitamin C Hoax (health/vitamins)
  4. BIG FAT FITNESS LIES (weight loss)

Do these email headlines have your brain working overtime? Did you start writing down headlines for your own emails?

In my training with Vitaly we talked about how these same headline categories can be used across all marketing platforms…. Blogging, FB ads, and even video.

A good headline gets them to open the email, your next step is to make sure that the body of your email flows from the headline.

One of the best ways to improve your email body copy is by writing a story. Learn to be open and sharing about who you are and how you can help people. Tie the story into your product or service.

Stories put us in an hypnotic state where we more likely to click through and buy based on the story we read. Keep that in mind.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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