Top 2 Mistakes Made by Bloggers and How You Can Avoid Them

You know the best part of having a blog? The ability to share your thoughts with the world. You know the worst thing about having a blog? No traffic!

It is great that you have a blog but what good is it if you don’ t have anyone visiting? If  people don’t know your here on the web then why be on the web?

Do you want to know how to build traffic for you blog or website? Are you hungry for traffic and people that want to follow and learn from you?

2 Mistakes made by Bloggers


  • 1. Having no defined purpose for you blog. Meaning that you have a blog and are writing on what ever topic comes to mind. You are writing about your dog, cat, house, job, health care, network marketing, and what ever else comes to mind. But there is nothing that keeps your readers coming back.

How can you keep this from happening? Grab a piece of paper and pencil… do this now, go ahead.. I can wait. …….la di… la da…. scribble…..

Okay next your are going to figure out the name of your blog if you already have one, GREAT! Some good ideas for a blog… this one I have been guilty of not doing this in the pass, but why not YOU? That’s right, why not brand yourself? Products  change, business opportunities change, but you will always be you. You can change categories and develop your blog as you grow. Lot of people do this!

Next you are going to head over to Google and go to keyword tool – start digging for keywords to use on your blog. Topics that you want and enjoy writing about. This is going to make it easier for you write at lease 3x a week and not struggle with what to write. Alternate a new topic for each post.

  • 2. Have no traffic. You have all this great content and no one is visiting your site. My friend it is time to get social!

I can hear you thoughts… You are saying… “But I am already social.”  I will agree with you. You are already on Facebook, Twitter, LinkenIn, YouTube, and Pintrest. But are you being social? Are you commenting on other peoples blogs? Sharing great content that you come across? Are you connecting people back to your blog with every post you create. Are you posting with a purpose or just to share a funny story or tell everyone how bad your day was?

Get involved with some facebook groups and start sharing content with them. Give value, meaning don’t just post about your opportunity or product. Be interactive, being social also means commenting on blogs, posts, and showing people that you are real and are about building relationships.

Most bloggers think it is all about them but in reality is is all about the reader and want they want to read, see, or watch. Flip your mindset and start writing your blog as if you are writing to your best friend. Share a story and keep it honest.

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    • Lots of helpful information. I have bookmarked your site.

    • Lisa

      Yes, a blogger has to get social to get visits to their blogs as well as show up well in search. Groups are nice too on LinkedIn. I found you via Twitter.

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