12 Simple Steps to Creating a MLM Blog

MLM BlogAnyone can create a MLM blog!

You know the saying from Ratatouille, “Any one can cook!”

Well, the same rules apply. If you are willing to learn and follow these instruction that I am about to lay out for you, YOU WILL create a successful blog.

Deviate from this and you risk throwing everything away before you even get started!

So let’s say that you wanted to start today, right now even what would be the first thing you should do.

12 Step MLM Blog Recipe (pay attention)

     1. Go to JustHost.com  and look to buy YOUR name, first and last name if possible. It should look something like, firstnamelastame.com. With my name I kinda lucked out. Not too many van Oudheusden’s buying web addresses! LOL. So if you have a really common name like Lisa Smith, be creating WhoIsLisaSmith.com, is a fun play on this.

Whatever you do… KEEP YOUR MLM OUT OF IT!!! Don’t pigeon hole yourself. I have seen this happen and it is not pretty if they change companies, it goes under… Just don’t do it. I am telling you as a friend, don’t use your MLM anywhere in your domain name. (most companies prohibit it anyways)

Also note that when you are aware of a new platform that seems to be taking off, go and grab your name. (Twitter.com/whoislisasmith, Pintrest.com/whoislisasmith, etc)

     2. Next get your domain hosted… with the JustHost.com is comes all together for your first year. Domain and host for one low price. Less than $80 for the year. You will install WordPress with a touch of a button. It really is that simple.

     3. Hire a graphic designer. I know you don’t want to spend a lot of money but trust me when I say you want a good graphic header/logo for your mlm blog. Appereance does matter. I even recommend going to Fiverr.com to get started. You can get a banner for your blog for $5 bucks. Now that is extremely inexpensive.

You want people to feel comfortable and know where they are and what you expect them to buy or read on your blog. There are tons of theme’s available at wordpress.org and they are free. So find one that is right for you.

     4. If you are doing video for your mlm blog grab a Flip UltraHD Video Camera for about $150 new. It is small light and I have one myself that I use when I am on the go. Easy to upload to computer!

     5. Create a Facebook Fan page. Don’t build your business on your personal page, leave that one personal. The other reason why I tell you to create a fan page… you are limited to 5000 friends on your personal. With a FB page the sky is the limit. So build for more fans! To get some incredibel Facebook Marketing training (I have a copy myself) check out Social Media Mastery by Michelle Pescosolido.

Michelle is the only Facebook marketer that I know, that keeps updating her training as Facebook changes. She is awesome and her course rocks!

     6. Open a Twitter account with your domain name. Twitter is very different than Facebook, so choose which one you would rather start with first and then begin engaging and following your leaders, mentors, and people that inspire you.

     7. Create your Google+ account with your name and create your Google+ Business Page with your Domain Name. You need to make sure that you are on Google+. This is a very strategic move and more important than any other social media platform at this time.

Google+ is connected to your YouTube channels so make sure that your domain name is secure.

     8. Start creating content. If your MLM blog is going to deal with health care products and you want to do video, demo the products out. Be creative. Also be willing to incorporate your story and your passion around your mlm blog. Why did you get into this company and what does it allow you to do.

Don’t be just one dimensional and sell, sell, sell, and sell. Look for ways to educate and train others. Remember there are only 2 reasons that people go online, 1. Entertainment 2. Education (looking for specific information)

So be authentic, let your personality shine through and let people see the real you.

      9. After you create your content you have to share it! The saying, if you build it, they will come, is not going to happen if you don’t tell people.
I am a fan of onlywire.com for helping to syndicate my content. It will take you some time to set up, but it’s well worth it.

I am all about saving time and money and this helps with saving time!

     10. Go to Twitter and search for relevant keywords in your industry. Start following individual of interest. Make sure that the people you are following are relevant to your blog topic. Rule of thumb… Twitter does have a rule that you can’t follow more than 10% that is following you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t call them out with an @twitterUserName and let them know why you are following them.

     11. Then go to BlogSearch.google.com and start searching for general terms that are related to your industry. Read blogs that gain your interest and leave a comment and a link back to your page.

You want to start building relationship. So make sure your comments are engaging and ask a question. You want dialog on your blog.

     12. Go to Google+ and search keyword that are relevant to your top and begin to follow people that are in your industry. Begin commenting and +1 comments that reply back to you. Let people know that you care and are interesting. Make sure you share you mlm blog on your Google+ account. This is very important.

Bonus Info for MLM Blog

1. Make sure you always include your social media on your business cards and in your email signature.
2. Make sure you have a “Want to Do Business with Me?” tab on your site! (as I write this, I don’t currently have this on my blog… and that is about to change)

Think of building your brand and your MLM blog as a marathon and not a sprint. You want long term results and you can get them if you are patient and willing to put in the hard work and follow this exact recipe that I have laid out for you.

If you still feel unsure and want someone to hold your hand building a blog, check out this 56 minute Blog training webinar.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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