#1 Reliv Question Asked by Customers and Distributors

Having been with Reliv for almost 6 years I still get asked this #1 question.

So today I am writing a blog post about how to take your Reliv products. Trust me, I will keep is simple and share this video with you.

So Now That The #1 Reliv Questions Has Been Answered

All Reliv products are synergistic with each other. Meaning that you can take 1 or all of the Reliv products together in the same shake.

In this video I share with you, I am taking the Reliv Classic and the Innergize. Usually I would also add FibRestore to my shake.

There is no wrong way to take a Reliv shake. Optimal nutrition is good for you any way you take it.

Though I have been asked, “What do you take with your Reliv products?”

About 98% of the time I just take my Reliv products with water. Plain, simple, boring water. You can take this nutrition with any beverage or shake of your choice. My only recommendation is that you don’t mix it with carbonated drinks. (They tend to fizz)

If you are looking for different ways to take your shake or just want some really cool recipes, head over to YouTube and search Reliv Recipes. I created a bunch of different recipes you can use to make your shake. I think you will be inspired by one or two of the recipes! 🙂

Also if you haven’t yet I really do recommend checking out www.Lunasin.com – Lunasin is found in LunaRich and LunaRichX and can only be found with Reliv.

Reliv is nutrition made simple and life made rich.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me through my Reliv site at http://Katrina.Reliv.com

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    4 replies to "#1 Reliv Question asked by customers and distributors"

    • Maura

      Good video with clear explanation and suggestions of were to find recipes.

      • Katrina

        Thank you. It was fun to make this video. 🙂

    • Ah, water is never boring! I may be old fashioned but water is the best base for any kind of drink – good water, that is (which is another story…)

      • Katrina

        I love water! I never understood way people don’t like it. Can’t live without it…but that is another post! Thank you so much for commenting!

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