Ever Wonder if You Should Automate Twitter?

Yes you can automate twitter but it could be the worst business decision you ever make. It could kill your following and drag your business down into a  deep dark, black hole.

You may lose fans, business, and even money. It could be social suicide. I am not sure you would survive if you completely automated your twitter account.

#1  Reason Why You Shouldn’t Automate Twitter

  1. Talking to a robot – no one likes to see the same tweet over and over again. Twitter is about engaging and putting your best foot forward. The best connections are those that share and are taking an interest in others. Take part in the conversation and be active.


Did I say that you couldn’t automate  twitter?

I actually believe you should have a blend of automation and interaction. You only have so much time in your day and who doesn’t like to make their life a little bit easier.

SocialOomph – is becoming the best stagey for twitter marketing. With SocialOomph you can create multiple direct messages to go out to those that follow you. You can create messages ahead of time so that if you have to be off line for a day your twitter account doesn’t suffer. Heck you can even set it up so that it follows people for you.

There are tons of great things about SocialOomph and I think you should go and check it out. The down side to SocialOomph is that for some of the better services you have to pay the price. But honestly, for just a few buck SocialOomph can become your new V.A. (Virtual Assistant) for your twitter account. It takes away the headache and makes marketing on Twitter that much easier.

Ultimately the decision is yours. Have fun and check out SocialOomph.

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