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FREE 60 Minute Video Reveals How to Sponsor 20 Reps A Month With ANY Company!

Did you know that generating leads online for your business is only half the story?

If you're serious about building a downline and a team of distributors, then you're going to have to talk to your prospects.

Meet my friends Mike Dillard and Mark Weisser.

Mark is a rockstar recruiter who's built an organization of 10,000 distributors in less than 2 years.

Mike is one of Mark's most successful students - with over 300,000 customers all over the world and showing thousands people how to sponsor more reps in a day than 95% of network marketings sponsor in a year.

If you're serious about recruiting prospects into your business, then grab a pen and paper right now because you're about to get instant access to a 60 minute video where Mike and Mark reveal:

  • The top 3 mistakes newbies make when picking up the phone and talking to their prospects - WARNING: NOT knowing these will sabotage the conversation EVERY single time
  • How to get your prospects to sell themselves on your opportunity and why it's a great idea to actually turn people down!
  • A hidden technique that makes people beg to be part of your business - it's MUCH easier than you think…
  • How to sponsor a new rep - even if you've NEVER sponsored anyone before...

And MUCH more…

This interview is PURE GOLD and it's yours FREE…

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