What to Write? Blogging Secret Unveiled

For many, the fear of blogging comes from not knowing what to write about. We have our idea and our topics but today might be the day that you just have no idea what to write about?

As a network marketer this can even be more of a challenge because you don’t want to come across as spammy with your mlm and now you are wonder what else you can talk about. So you go online looking for a topic and then next thing you know you are distracted… Hours later you still don’t have a topic.

The story above is my truth. I was always looking for new topics to discuss. I wanted to provide value and education and I didn’t want every post to be the same thing. So I had to find a resource that would help me.

What-to-writeThis is when I stumbled across the best kept secret in the home business industry. This is an awesome tool for staying current on, What’s Working Now, in the online industry. The best part is that it also inspires me to write new posts and keep my content fresh. I am always current on what works for online marketing and have great content to share.

Do you want in? Do you want to see the secret that few even talk about… and how it is helping them increase their business? Best kept secret and a powerful resource to have at your fingertips… It’s called, What’s Working Now.


Never Struggle Trying to Figure Out What to Write.

You now have access to the best kept secret in the home business industry. What’s Working Now, is amazing and I am shocked that more people don’t know about it. If you have a home business or are a network marketer then this is the ONE and ONLY newsletter you need to have delivered to your email every month!

Heck you can even take it for a test drive right now for only $1.  What’s Working Now

Here is what you find in this months issue! Awesome Sauce coming your way!

What’s Working Now: August 2013
In This Issue…

  • Ray Higdon
    • How to Become a Top Earner – in Whatever Business You Choose
  • Ty Tribble
    • Content Isn’t Enough: How to Get Better (and Faster) Results from Your Blog
  • Bill Pescosolido
    • How to Profile your Prospects for Maximum Profit!
  • Russell Brunson
    • Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter!
  • Copy Corner
    • Stuck in the Agony of Writer’s Block? One Simple Strategy that ALWAYS Frees You Up
  • VaNessa Duplessie
    • Coaches Corner: Building Your Credibility
  • Geoff Stephen
    • WordPress and Security
  • Michelle Pescosolido
    • 4-Steps to Create a “Monstrously” Viral Fan Page
  • Rebecca Woodhead
    • Creative Entrepreneurship: Powerful Mindset Strategies for Wholeminded Marketing
  • Dr. Bob Clarke
    • Affiliate Marketing for Part-Time Marketers: 3 Tips For Maximizing Your Time and Income
  • Cathie Heath
    • 5 Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Help Cover Your Costs, Grow Your Business, and Make Almost Any Service You Use “Free”

Jump on this value now and have access to back issues and tons of training! If you are in the home business industry you need to have this, right now.

What’s Working Now $1 Trial

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    9 replies to "What to Write – Blogging Secret Unveiled"

    • Lorii Abela

      Another informative source you’ve got there. Regardless of the topic to write what really matters is the quality of the content. What resource has benefited you the most?

    • Delia @ EosGrafx

      Great information, Katrina, thanks for sharing! You are so right that it has to come easy to you, and not obsess over what to write – that’s when it actually does not work 🙂

      • Katrina

        Totally agree Delia. A good blog post flows and you don’t even realize how much you wrote when you enjoy the topic! Hope you had an amazing weekend!

    • Melinda

      Thanks for the info on what sounds like a great resource!

      • Katrina

        worth it’s weight in gold for sure! Thank you for taking time to comment!

    • Tina

      Gee, it is amazing that so much is written about what to write! I had no idea people had a resource like this! But then the Internet is what we call “click and magic”.

      • Katrina

        LOL! the web really is point and click but even for me it seems overwhelming. So I like following a newsletter that is relevant to online marketing and business building. Thank you so much for commenting!

    • Carla J Gardiner

      Great post and it mirrors my sentiments exactly. One thing is for sure Katrina…your blog contains great information for those new online business owners that need direction.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Carla, that means so much to me. I love following your blog and you inspire me!

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