Have You Ever Wondered What Is A Gravatar?

The first time I heard/saw gravatar I thought it was an avatar. A fictional representation on ones self. Shockingly I wasn’t too far off.

Gravatar is not just an avatar… But a Globally Recognized Avatar = G.R.Avatar.  Well now that makes sense. So what is it used for?

What is a Gravatar used for?

According to Gravatar.com, “Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums.”

It also give you credibility when you post a comment on someones blog or post in forums. When you get a mystery post you think people have something to hide. Or maybe you are one of the many that just didn’t know what gravatar was.

A Gravatar also helps in building your brand and building consistency online. Make sure you use the same image on all your social media profiles, that you use in with your Gravatar. People remember images and you want to be congruent.

How do you set up a Gravatar?

The good news is setting up a Gravatar is easy to do. I created this video that will show you how to create your own Gravatar in a matter of minutes.

Just so you know Gavatars are attached to an email account. So when you sign in to blogs or forums the email address will be attached to the Gravatar.

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    7 replies to "What is a Gravatar?"

    • Great explanation of what a gravatar is and how to set one up. The more you can tie your comments to you and your publications the better brand recognition you can develop. I’ll be sharing your post on my Facebook and G+ profiles.

      • Katrina

        When I first started blogging this was one of the first things I learned. So important to build that visual brand. Thank you for sharing. Very much appreciated.

    • Natalie

      This really wowed..

    • Yes. Great video! I say keep the videos coming. Thanks!

      • Katrina

        Thanks Rob! I enjoy making videos.

    • Olga Hermans

      Yes Katherine, that was a very good and clear exploitation about how to create an avatar. I really enjoy your video’s

    • Sally K Witt

      This will really help people. We take so many things for granted when we are used to them. It is hard for a new person to know where to go for information like this!

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