Top Reliv Sponsor

Top Reliv SponsorSo who is the top Reliv sponsor?  This is a questions that has been gaining momentum in Reliv.

With the break through of Lunasin, Reliv is the hottest MLM on the marketing in the health and wellness industry. People can’t sign up fast enough.

The momentum is so great that the next top Reliv Sponsor could be you!

Right now Chef Katrina’s Team, “Team on Fire” is looking for leaders. Those that want to learn how to create success fast and start building a residual income today.

Like never before, this is your opportunity to find a home based business that works and gives you the support you need to create the success you want.

Chef Katrina shares with you what is happening with Reliv and her team.

Where Do You Find The Top Reliv Sponsor?

To become the top Reliv sponsor you need to join the team that can help make that happen.

Team on Fire is about empowering you, the new Reliv distributor with the skills of today’s technology to build your business.

The old school way of building are dead. The internet is the fastest tool for building your business. But you could be spinning your wheels for years if you don’t work with a coach and a team that is effectively using the internet to build.

There is a method to building online and if you follow the recipe that Chef Katrina’s lays out, you will have success.

But don’t be fooled. Chef Katrina and her team are not going to build your business for you. You will still have to do some work. It will be up to you to post and share. Yes, you will be frustrated with technology, everyone is at one point or another. Trust Chef Katrina to keep you on track for success.

Reliv is about changing lives in both health and financial. Our mission to nourish the world is what is going to make a difference. We are so much more than nutrition. We are nutritional epigenetics and are leading the way.

I look forward to having you on the team. To get set started…. contact Chef Katrina at

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