The Gift of Residual Income

residual incomeHow would you like to receive a gift of residual income this holiday season and beyond?

For many of us this is the time of year when we rack up our debt, max out our credit cards, and wonder how we are going to pay it all off.

This seems like a vicious cycle and yet each year many of us do this over and over again. We spend hundreds on T.V., game consoles, and other things.

Hey I am right there with you! I love to spend money also but this year I am not spending my own money.

What I mean is that I am now spending my residual income. The money that I am making as a network marketer is paying my bills and buying my presents this holiday season.

The amount of stress off my shoulders that my debt is going down and I now have money flowing into my back account is priceless.

Now you may not know this but back on May 1st of this year I retired from my corporate life as a Chef to focus on Reliv International, my network marketing company. I wanted to continue to grow my residual income.

My story begins about 6 years ago. I was mailed a box from my mother and told to start taking Reliv. I had my doubts just like many of you. But this was different. Completely different.

9 year of volleyball and 4 of those at the college level made me doubt a lot of companies. Then becoming a Chef allowed me to have even more skepticism.

But there is something magical about Reliv. It does something beyond what it we think it does. I have seen more miracles and blessing with Reliv than I have ever seen before. I now know that our bodies are amazing and will achieve miracles when given the right nutrition.

Some say that Reliv is blessed by the hand of God. I am not sure that I would go that far… but I don’t discount it. Reliv is the only MLM I know that was received by Pope John Paul II, Twice for our humanitarian efforts.

Receiving the Gift of Residual Income

Reliv InternationalAfter attending my first Reliv meeting I jumped in at the highest profit level, Master Affiliate (40% profit). I figured if I was going to do the work I want the most bang for my buck and the highest discount on my products.

Why come in at the lowest and have half of my earning go to my sponsor. If I was going to be in business for myself then I wanted to know I was making the most money. So I made the investment.

Kinda broke, I put it on 2 credit cards, maxing out both of them, believing I was going to be able to pay them off in 4-8 weeks.

And I did!

Plus I was able to profit another $800 bucks on top of that! I was excited. I had never seen this kind of success or money working my job.

What really caught my attention was that I basically doubled my pay of my job those first two months. And I did this working 60 hours a week.

I was hooked. Could you imagine doubling your pay right now. What if you made a residual income of what you are currently making at your job? How would that effect your debt? Your family? Your lifestyle? Would you finally be able to go on a vacation? Buy Holiday Presents debt free?

This is the gift of residual income. The power of building a home business while you work. You can work Reliv around your job and family.

The gift of residual income allows you to have another form of income coming in. The blessing of working with Reliv is that you have me for your upline.

I will be teaching you how to build your business. Giving you tools for both online and off line marketing. If you don’t want to harass your family and friends you don’t have to. I will teach you another way to build that will give you yet another form of residual income.

Join me in Reliv — and the best part is that you are joining at *half the cost of when I came into this company 6 years ago. So your ability to double your income and create even more residual income is better now than ever before.

For more information message me at:

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Enter in RCN 7299909501 – Guarantees you are on my team!

Looking forward to helping you build your Reliv business and creating the residual income you need to become financially free.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden
Independent Reliv Distributor

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*Reliv doesn’t claim to cure, prevent, or treat any disease. And claims made by individuals are their own results. Note that with any company you will have to work to achieve results.

**There is a 90% buy back from Reliv for the first year in business. If you decide this isn’t the right fit, Reliv will buy back your products at 90% of the value. There is a 10% restocking fee.