Success Online is about Patience

In a world where everything is about how fast we can get a response, building success with your business online can take some time.

When we get into business online we expect results almost overnight. We believe that if we write it, build it, or create it they we will come. After 5 years of dabbling online I can tell you with truth, this does not happen.

So let me share some secrets with you on what does work online for creating success.

  1. Set a Goal
  2. Take Action every day!
  3. Be consistent and persistent

In this video I share with you something I am learning. Discover how my garden is teaching me success online.

Learning About Success From My Garden

I never thought that growing food would teach me so much about online marketing. They have so much in common it is crazy.

So when I first committed to online marketing back in June we began planting our garden. There wasn’t much. Just some small plants, some nutrient rich soil, water, and sunlight. For my online business I had a system, drive, and a plan to put into action.

Like my first month in online marketing I bloomed. I learned a lot of information but still saw no fruit from my labor. This was also true from my garden. Everything was getting so big but no veggies yet. But I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing I would start to see success.

My second month of applying my teaching and training I began to see fruit. Some money was coming in and business was picking up. My garden also began to show signs of growth. Peppers were starting to bloom and this was exciting times. These first three pictures are what I was looking at last month.

Purple Bell Peppers
Serrano Peppers
2013-07-29 19.47.30
Pablano Peppers
2013-07-29 19.47.53

But something amazing began to happen to our Serrano Pepper plant this month. After three months they began to turn red. They finally were becoming serrano peppers. Just like my business, I just had to keep on keeping on. It was in my 3rd month that I really started seeing success. I was consistent in my efforts and followed the advice of my mentors and leaders. It wasn’t easy but like my garden you just need time to grow.


There were many time when I wanted to pick the veggies early and sometime I did. But what I learned was that, they weren’t ready yet.

There will be times when you think to yourself… Success! And then you stop doing what brought you that success. Like a plant you have seasons. Each season requires growth and patience. If you want to see long term success online you have to follow a system that works and be willing to put it into action every single day. Don’t let the misconception of budding success fool you into believing you are successful. You have to keep taking action and keep moving forward with your business.

Like a garden, your online business requires growth and patience. Success is just around the corner but don’t rush it. The best results are when you invest back into your business and create long term growth and success.

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    4 replies to "Success Online is about Patience"

    • Rudd

      Ah, interesting analogy you got there. Yes, it’s about passion. I’ve seen many people saying making money online is easy. Yes, it’s true if you’ve the knowledge and knows lots of people (bigger network). I’ve seen many newcomers gave up easily only after few month trying since they didn’t get what the saw other bloggers were saying.

      • Katrina

        I agree, it is about being honest and truthful. Thank you so much for commenting and taking time to read this post. 🙂

    • Peggy Nolan

      Gardens are great analogies for so many things and patience most certainly is a key ingredient for any worthwhile endeavor. Great post Katrina!

      Peggy (from UBC)

      • Katrina

        Thank you Peggy! I am learning so much from my garden. It must be all my years as a chef that I find great analogy from it. Have a beautiful day!

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