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Reliv LeaderSomething hot is happening with this Reliv Leader.

If you are here for the first time checking out Reliv International, Welcome! .

So what is Relive International? Is is a business opportunity or something so much more?

When I joined Reliv I was looking for a business opportunity. I wanted to join a company that had ethics, products, and a compensation plan that would allow me to start making money. And that is when I joined Reliv.

I attending an opportunity meeting and was amazing by the health and business stories. I knew that after all my searching, I had finally found a company that resonated with me.

Reliv is a company that is 25 years old and is the only MLM company to hold 9 U.S. Nutritional Food Patents. This is unheard of in the health and wellness industry. For me this was a huge stamp of approval. I wanted to share a product that wasn’t into just weight loss or anti-aging but a nutrition that looked at the human body as a whole.

Why focus on weight loss when weight gain has more to do with your cells than anything else. Increase the expression of good genes and turn off the bad. That is the focus of Reliv. Nutrition will help you loose weight, it is the by product. Fuel the body with the right blend of nutrition and not only will you loose weight, you will get more energy, and back a quality of life.

Reliv is on the forefront of Epigenetics and how nutrition is the answer to our health care problem. I recommend you check out Lunasin.

So what does all this have to do with Reliv Leader Chef Katrina and her Team on Fire?

Reliv Leader Chef Katrina is looking for future Millionaires

Join now through October 31st, 2013 to jump into this amazing business.

August – October 2013
Rev up big growth in your business with Reliv’s all-new Ignition Promotion! View this video to learn how.

Part I: Earn Fast & Furious
Volume qualifications for new and existing Distributors to earn bigger profits have been slashed to unprecedented levels for the next three months!
25% profit: 700 now only 350 points!
30% profit: 1,500 now only 700 points!
35% profit: 3,000 now only 1,500 points!
and… Master Affiliate 40% profit: 5,000 now only 3,000 points!

Part II: Lap Leader Bonus
Top volumes each month (August – October) in North America will earn bonus cash!
1st – $2,500    6th – $1,400
2nd – $2,250     7th – $1,300
3rd – $2,000     8th – $1,200
4th – $1,750     9th – $1,100
5th – $1,500     10th – $1,000

Part III: Checkered Flag Bonus
Top cumulative volumes from August – October in North America will earn even bigger bonus cash!
1st – $6,000     6th – $2,500
2nd – $5,000    7th – $2,250
3rd – $ 4,000    8th – $2,000
4th – $3,500     9th – $1,500
5th – $3,000    10th – $1,000

Distributors, start your business engines!

To Join Chef Katrina and Team on Fire!

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