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What You'll Learn

📌  Optimize Both Your Pinterest Business Profile and Website for Promoted Pins

📌   Creating the perfect Pinterest Strategy for Your Business Needs

📌  How to Leverage custom audiences to enhance your Pinterest promoted pin results.

📌   Easily create click-worthy Pinterest Pins that increase your ads success.

📌  Look Over My Should Walk Through For Setting Up Promoted Pins

📌 Evaluate and Refine Your Promoted Pins - What You Need To Look At


Raves for Chef's Pinterest Courses & Mentorship

Due to this amazing Pinterest training, after doing promoted pins for only a few days we got our first lead from what Chef Katrina had taught us in this course!

Amanda Meeks, Entrepreneur

I've learned more about marketing my business on Pinterest in the first few Master Classes with Chef than I did in a $1000 Pinterest course I bought a couple years ago! She continues to be on the leading edge of what's working well in the world of Pinterest marketing and consistently delivers value that others just aren't sharing today!

Collen L., Entrepreneur

Chef Katrina planted the seeds that grew my business. With her mentoring she guided me in the right direction. She doesn't see mistakes or failures, she sees progress and growth.

Krista Bakker, Digital Dutchess

Katrina kept me on track, taught me skills, and most importantly assisted me with the mindset shift required to grow myself and my business.

Dawn Sullivan, Dawn Sullivan CEO