MLM Hot Topic: Why Do People Quit?

As someone that is in the MLM industry, I thought this would be a great MLM Hot Topic to talk about today.

MLM Hot TopicWhen I was first exposed to my networking opportunity I went in with what I thought were eyes wide open. The presentation I went to was really simple. I heard about the health stories and got to see the compensation plan in action. I was pretty excited about what could happen in the MLM industry.

I guess what no one really told me was… “You might not make a dime in this industry.”

The expectation piece was missing. Yes, I made money when I first started. I did really well until I ran out of my hot and warm market and had to look for other ways to talk to people.

I also felt like I had no value. My team was asking me how to build their business and I didn’t have a solution for them. I didn’t know any marketing methods besides the ones I was getting from my upline, which was to go out and talk to people?

There was a prospecting company that I was introduced to, can’t remember the name, but their big thing was sizzle cards. Go out and plaster sizzle cards all over the place. This was great but the leads from this were more like people looking for a job than an MLM opportunity. They didn’t want to invest money, they just wanted it handed to them. I really didn’t like this sizzle card method.

So setting expectation I believe is a must for those that truly want to succeed in their MLM business. Be upfront and don’t play into the hype…

Here is a quick video sharing my thoughts on why people do quit.

MLM Hot Topic – Why your downline is bailing on you.

As an add on to the realistic expectation of the MLM industry I have discovered that you need to have value or your downline will bail on you. Then your success becomes a rebuilding, and a rebuilding, and a rebuilding… such a waste of your time and talent.

There is another way. It is called attraction marketing and leading with value. Give your team tools to build their business. If you invest in learning how to use Facebook marketing to build your business, share that with your team. If you have discovered how easy it is to set up a blog, then share that with your team. Provide value and training to help them stay in business.

Value Marketing is my favorite mlm hot topic. I truly believe that if you are willing to invest in yourself and learn what it takes to build your business online you will have greater success than the old school way of building your business.

I am the biggest advocate of attraction marketing and I learned it all from this simple course called Attraction Marketing Formula.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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