How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Attended a very interesting seminar last week about using LinkedIn for Lead Generation. I had no idea the power of LinkedIn and with power comes some responsibility.

If you were like me, you thought LinkedIn was great for finding a job but that was about it. Use it to connect to old contacts and see if someone would recommend you for a job with XYZ company.


Yup, I have been way off base and needed this seminar to see the light. I had no idea that you could generate targeted leads. It was mind blowing. As you know in MLM you needs leads to keep your business going. You have to connect with people and build relationships. The power of the internet and LinkedIn is making that easier and faster than ever to do.

Secret to LinkedIn

The biggest secret of LinkedIn is the groups.

Find what groups LinkedIn recommends for you and start joining them. Then as you interact with these groups, find the ones that best fit you and remove yourself from the groups that don’t fit your needs.

Be engaging and add value to these groups. Don’t spam them with your opportunity or product but add value. Be a person with solutions.

Lead Generation

Actually, yes! You can use the search people advance option.

These options are amazing. You can find people in your company, language, zip code, and so much more.

Use the Keyword search to find people that are in your industry. Connect with them and build a relationship with them.

LinkedIn also has a news feed so that you can post articles or training that is benefiting you. Reach out and help.

Have fun on LinkedIn and as I find new ways to generate leads I will keep you posted.

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    7 replies to "Lead Generation with LinkedIn"

    • Lorii Abela

      Another helpful article! Thanks for sharing this.

    • OLga Hermans

      Linked-IN is the platform that I still have to dig in and get it going. Thanks for motivating to get at it

      • Katrina

        I agree Olga, it is time to get motivated about LinkedIn. Still learning but thought I would share some info that I learned.

    • Angie M Jordan

      I have heard and “know” the power of LinkedIn… Now I need to utilize it! Great post Katrina!

      • Katrina

        Thanks Angie for taking time to read this post. The world of LinkedIn is wide open. 🙂

    • jean

      Thanks for the tips. I am the same, have not been involved with Linkedin. Will have to get going on this.

      • Katrina

        I think it is something we just over look. Interested to see what results come of more interaction on LinkedIn. Thank you for taking time to comment.

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