The Tradeknology scam comes up because it is a network marketing opportunity.

Almost every network marketing company, direct sales company, or heck even affiliate marketing company gets labeled a scam when people are told that it is easy. You’ll make money. All you have to do is share with three people.

OMG, I’m so sorry. Can I be totally honest with you?

80% of those that start in a network marketing company drop out. They never make a dime and then go tell family and friends that it is a scam. It happens every day around the world.

Is Tradeknology different. Is it going to give you the key to the financial kingdom? Sorry to burst your bubble but no.

Tradeknology is an educational company first and foremost. It is the #1 leading education in Forex, HFX, and Crypto trading. This company is dedicated to your success and creating a million independent traders worldwide.

The Truth Behind the Tradeknology Scam

I’ve been involved in the network marketing industry since 2005. And boy had it stayed the same over the years. The only change that has happened is how companies are being marketed by their distributors, IBO’s, or whatever term is used for having an opportunity with a company.

Truth be told, you may never make a dime in the network marketing industry. #truthbomb


The success or failure of your business is completely up to you and the team you join. And as I shared in the video, you can get access to this level of training, traders, and opportunity for only $99/month.

You don’t have to invest big money to get started, unlike so many other companies. I would rather you use your money to start trading and making your money work for you. This is why I’m sharing the secrets of M.O.B on Fire.

Tradeknology Secrets of the MOB

I’m one of the co-founders of M.O.B on Fire and chose to team up with MOB Boss Tazz Smith after meeting with him at a local Tradeknology event here in Atlanta. He is one of the top educators in Tradeknology for HFX also known as Binary Options Trading.

The truth is when I first joined Tradeknology I was a bit lost. I didn’t have anyone that was trading on my team and I didn’t know how to trade myself. So I stumbled through the training, not sure what to do next. I needed an expert trader and I found that mentor in Tazz.

So it made sense when I met Tazz, to partner with him. He has the trading skills that I can showcase and highlight as I learn Binary Options Trading. As I was learning from him, I was able to share my excitement with others and my team began to grow.

We decided to combine our brand and resources to become MOB on Fire, the fastest growing team in Tradeknology with an exclusive, proprietary marketing system you won’t find anywhere else.

The MOB Attraction Marketing System

You are gonna love what I’m about to share with you. If you’ve been in other marketing systems like Elite Marketing Pro or My Lead System Pro (MLSP) then you know all about funnels, attraction marketing, duplication systems, and what a pain the ass it is to build all that out on your own as a newbie or even a top earner.

What we created for those that join the MOB on Fire team inside of Tradeknology is going to blow your mind.

Ready… and at no extra cost to you expect to be an active monthly member of Tradeknology.

We’ve built our own team onboarding and marketing system with customizable funnels, email marketing, and so much more! EEEK! I’m so freaking excited to share this with you!

Once you become a team member of Tradeknology… My Tradeknology Link if you want to join my team

I will send you a link to access this site, then inside you will get your first steps on how to get started. You’ll be given the option to either be a customer only that wants to learn the trading skill or if you choose to be an IBO (Independent Business Owner) you can go through the training on how to leverage this marketing system.

As an IBO member, you can customize the funnels. OMG! Add your videos so that you become the hunted instead of the hunter. LOL, that is attraction marketing talk. And now you have the chance to do this in real life with the only team that has this proprietary marketing system.

Team duplication has never been easier! I repeat… I’m so freaking excited to show you how to leverage this system to give you time freedom as you build your financial freedom. (Happy Dance)

MOB on Fire Bonuses

Not only do we give you a personal development and marketing system to help you grow your Tradeknology team… we’ve got exclusive access to…

Laura Armstrong – Founder of Leadership with Laura. She is a B.A.N.K coach that specializes in teaching us how to close 80% of the prospect we talk to. (no kidding) Every other week, she does live training with us going over conversations we are having and showing us how to speak to the core value of everyone we meet so that we align with what is most important to them. The team is having amazing growth because of her training. Have you cracked your B.A.N.K code yet? – Founders Simon and Andy are part of our MOB on Fire team, sharing with us their knowledge on cryptocurrency, tokens, NFT, and the metaverse. As experts in YouTube marketing, we will be learning how to leverage YouTube as a team traffic source. (OMG)

Seriously… I could go on and on about all the benefits you are getting for joining me in Tradeknology and becoming part of the MOB on Fire family! I would love to have you join me.

How to Get Started with Tradeknology & MOB

To get started with me in Tradeknology all you have to do is click this link

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of Tradeknology University and MOB I recommend you come in as a VIP and add the IBO option. Your totally monthly investment is $229.00

That is a ridiculous price for access to a $10K onboarding and marketing system, traders, training, and so much more. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Now is the time.

I’m saving a spot for you on my team. Will you say YES!

See you inside,

Chef Katrina

P.S. Grab my thee secrets to building your business, that your upline doesn’t want you to know. It’s my truth bomb marketing secrets.