Follow Up With Email Marketing

Have you ever hear the phrase, the money is in the list. Well, this is more true than you know.

If you are doing any type of online marketing you want to be capturing names and email address. You want to build a list of prospective leads and be able to continue building a relationship with them even after they have opt-in.

With email marketing you have chance to have a one on one conversation with your leads and let them know more about you and your company. I also enjoy email marketing because it allows me to customize my messages and the look and feel of my email.

Here is a quick video on how to set up Aweber to help build your business and stay in contact with your prospects.

What does email marketing look like?

So after you get your first email campaign set up, you now have the opportunity get fans. The great thing about using aweber is that it is permission marketing. You can’t market to them unless they agree to receive emails from you. When you get permission you know that these are fans that want to hear more about what you are sharing on your blog.

I was once the marketer that collected business cards and then emailed them. But I did it the wrong way and I am sure that it was seen more as spam then wanting to share information. LOL! So I enjoy using email marketing. Those that unsubscribe are those that don’t like what I have to share and I am okay with that. Like blogging, email marketing is for those that want more information.

So does it benefit you to have an auto-responder? Yes, use tools that can make your life easier. You can set up emails to go out in a series or time them to go out at a certain time. Email marketing is a very effective method to building your business.

This is one of my biggest secrets to building my list and staying in front of my fans. Also makes for great follow up. And when follow up is easy, getting leads is easy and building your team becomes easy also.

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