Elite Marketing ProThere is a good chance that you are here because you want to learn more about Elite Marketing Pro.

As an affiliate for this system for the last 2 years, I have to say that I am completely and totally bias towards Elite Marketing Pro.

I was part of many different marketing companies and none of them offered the training or commissions that I am able to achieve with this system.

One of the biggest reasons I choose EMP is because it was the complete online marketing package.

I will NEVER have to buy another online training course again because all the basic online marketing training can be found in the Leader Library of this system and through the support of the EMP Mastermind community.

How many times have you been solicited for a new, better way to build your business? How many courses and training have you purchased only to have no results and even worse, never even cracked the book or training.

I was in the same boat for over 6 years. I bought course after course, hoping the next one would reveal the secrets to online success.

What final changed for me was gaining access to Elite Marketing Pro. I became a student of marketing.

I began to learn the fundamentals of marketing both online and offline. I was shocked on how similar they were.

Elite Marketing Pro Teaches the Foundation

Marketing is the key foundation on which all businesses are built on. If you are a network marketer, you will notice that the second word is marketer.

What many of us are never taught when we join network marketing is marketing.

That is why I found Elite Marketing Pro to be essential education for those in the MLM industry. At the core of what you do… you must learn how to market yourself.

With EMP you will learn how to develop your avatar. The person of whom you are marketing to.

Next you will learn how to carve out your niche… the space that you want to dominate for your opportunity.

Then you will learn the very basics of lead capture page, list building, and follow up.

You will be shocked at how fast your business grows as you learn this foundation education.

For those that join me in Elite Marketing Pro I tell them this….

“This is not longer about you, but the resources you can provide to your team to help them grow their business.”

Leaders find and share resources that benefit their team. Not everyone build their business the same way… but being able to provide training that fits their personality means you will have less turnover on your team. Meaning less work for you. *whew*

Getting Started with Elite Marketing Pro

So how do you get started with Elite Marketing Pro?

You have two choices:

1. Annual Membership – $297  (claim $4,191.00 in extra bonuses)

  • Elite Marketing Pro Annual Membership (Instant $267 savings)
  • Bigger Residual Incomes
  • Entire Archive of What’s Working Now Training Vault
  • EMP Traffic Suite of Tools
  • Instant Access to the EMP Private Mastermind
  • BONUS: Free Access to the Ignition Coaching Program (work with a 6-figure business coach for FREE!)

2. EMP VIP Membership – $1997 (claim $27,261 in extra bonuses)

  • 100% commissions on all EMP products
  • Entire EMP system
  • EMP Multi Channel Marketing – “Automated Follow-Up Marketing Machine”, where you do all the follow up for me using a number of marketing channels, including email, direct mail, postcards, and even telephone follow-up to close my leads and make sales for me. (honestly this is what really sold me)
  • Automated Listed Building
  • Name in Lights – Co-Branding with Elite Marketing Pro
  • 5 Minute Capture Page Builder
  • Elite Training
  • Done For You Traffic
  • 2 Tickets to No Excuse Summit
  • Ultimate Leaders Reference (valued at $8,653 + $94 monthly) Never buy another training course ever again.
  • Turn Key Instant Blog System
  • BONUS: Free Access to the Ignition Coaching Program plus 3 (30 min) business strategy calls to move your business forward.
  • and sooo much more

Plus when you join me in Elite Marketing Pro at the VIP level you get 4 (1 hr) 1-2-1 coaching session with me valued at $1,200.00. Plus you get access to my 60 day coaching which has helped 2 of my clients fire their boss in just 6 months. (results may vary)

My goal with every new member that joins me in Elite Marketing Pro, is to get you learning the basics, applying them, and making money.

Elite Marketing Pro VIP SalesThis image is a snap shot of my back office today. What this means to me, is that I have the privilege of helping someone learn to build their business and help them fire their boss. It is about FREEDOM and empowering my team to achieve their goals.

I truly believe that your success is within your grasp and I would like to be your coach and mentor helping you achieve your dreams. I can help you do this part time or full time. But this is possible no matter where you are at.

But remember this… Rome wasn’t built in a day and learning all the skills needed is going to take time. Be ready for the marathon… this is not a sprint or a get rich solution. Be ready to invest in yourself. I am always on the look out for leaders, those ready to step into their greatness.

If you are ready to do something different with your life, then all you have to do is choose where you want to begin your journey. Elite Marketing Pro Annual or VIP? The choice is yours.

I look forward to working with you.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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      Katrina is awesome. She is a BIG reason why EMP is so valuable. She is always cooking up tremendous value. That is why myself, my wife and my team LOVE her so much. Jump in you will love it.

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