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Today you are learning how it all works together. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse.  Click the play button to Watch this video

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4.10 -- Is the sky falling with crypto? 

8.00 -- Generational Adoption phase of Crypto (critical)

12.29 -- What is Blockchain? What runs off it?

17.28 -- Crypto Mining explained

20.45 -- Crypto Coin & Crypto Token, what is the difference between the two?(Must watch)

22.44 -- Buyer Beware

25.18 -- How is Crypto value established

28.48 -- Example of buy beware token

30:30 -- Example of tokens you should be buying

35.55 -- What are NFT's?

40.43 -- how coaches and businesses can use NFT's to explode their business. (jaw-dropping)

45.19 -- Domingo live casts with us into the metaverse. You've got to see this! 

1.02.36 -- Where to get your continued education on this topic 

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