Chef Katrina’s 90 Day Challenge Follow Up

90 day challengeCan you survive a 90 day challenge? I wasn’t sure I even knew what it was.

There are some leaders out there that talk about a 90 day challenge. They would claim that at the end of 90 days your business would change. It was almost like they reveal some big secret during the 90 challenge.

Well, I will tell you something that the secret that most of us don’t know about. A 90 day challenge is about consistency. It is about setting goals and achieveing them. It is about committing to do something for 90 days and actually doing it.

I thought I had to be part of a large group, in order to do a 90 day challenge. I thought I needed to have a support team and a leader to follow… all hog wash!

It doesn’t matter if you join a 90 day challenge with a group or just decided to do one yourself. Success will happen if you commit.

Back on June 1, 2013 I decided to do a 30 day self challenge. I committed to writing a blog post a day and doing a video a day. The only person holding myself accountable was myself… or so I thought. This is the video of my commitment to my challenge.

What ended up happening was that by day 25 I extended my challenge from 30 days to 90 days. And I discovered that I had fans that were watching me to see if I would stay committed to my challenge.

This motivated me like nothing else. I knew that if I followed my marketing training that I was receiving from Elite Marketing Pro I would begin to make money and generate more leads.

My 90 Day Challenge Follow Up…

So I ended my challenge on August 31, 2013, it went a few days past 90…

What happened during this challenge?

Even taking time off for vacation and family reunions I was still able to stick with my challenge.

This 90 day challenge really did challenge me. I had to get uncomfortable and do things that I never thought I would do.

I struggled with blogging before this challenge. I didn’t always know what to write, what to say, and really how to help others. But the mindset change that took place is something I can’t begin to describe. I had to release all doubts and just believe that my efforts would pay off.

I discovered that if I did this challenge with my MLM – I would have a completely different business.

I discovered that, I’m the only thing holding myself back.

I discovered that even though I did this challenge on my own, I had tons of support. Family and friends were watching and cheering me on. I learned that everyone watches… they want to see that commitment.

After doing this challenge I recommend it for anyone stuck in their business. This could be the boost you need.

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