Blogger… Are You Listening?

Blogger-Are-You-ListeningRemember when you first got into blogging? Do you remember what made you want to create a blog?

For some of us blogging is like a personal journal. We share out ups and downs, what works and what doesn’t. This is a personal blog.

Others of us might have decided to create a business with our blog. We saw the opportunity to share knowledge, promote a product or service, and use this tool called blogging to add an extra income stream.

I hear from a couple of my clients that they are struggling to drive traffic to their blog. Nobody is reading what they are writing about.

So here is a quick video I did to share with you how to become a better blogger.

How To Be A Better Blogger

Some of my clients when they come to me are already blogging but just not getting the results they want. At this point we sit down and discuss the overall objective and goals with their blog. We begin to do our research and that is when be uncover the magic of being a blogger.

One of my favorite tools for doing research is a tool called Keyword Planner. This use to be called Keyword Tool for those that might recognize it by that name. Just go to a google search and enter in Keyword Planner.

Under products or services put in keywords that you think people are searching for in order to find you. Discover alternate way to be found and learn how to create posts around a keyword. The best blogger in the world uses this tool, of that I am sure.

Another tool you can use is a survey. This is a great tool to use with social media. I know that on facebook you can ask a question and survey the results. You could also do this with email or just calling people up to chat.

Once you know what people are looking for you can begin creating more effective blogs for seo and your fans.

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    4 replies to "Blogger… Are You Listening?"

    • Gary E. Weller

      I had thoroughly forgotten about keywords and meta tags!

      Thanks, Katrina!

      • Katrina

        Don’t forget that! It is really important! LOL! 🙂

    • Susan Tolles

      Great advice! I love to use Survey Monkey to find out what my community wants to read about. Their answers sometimes surprise me! But the input is priceless. Their words have also inspired the creating of two new coaching programs related to being stuck in a rut & spinning your wheels. Don’t guess! People feel honored to be asked to share their opinions!

      • Katrina

        Totally agree. People love to be recognized and appreciated. Asking their opinion is priceless!

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