Reliv Sports Nutrition

I am not sure how many of you know but…

I played volleyball for 9 years. During that time I received Full scholarship for my college education. I was a middle blocker, something about me being tall….

I loved all those years, learned so much about team work.  But I did put my body through a lot.

I suffered multiple strains, knee surgery, and had lower back issues.

To top it off I became a chef and continued to put my body to the test. Long hours, high stress, and repetitive motion…

Let’s just say when Reliv arrived into my life… I had no idea I need it…

Tonight I invite you to learn a little more about Reliv Sport Nutrition.

Click here to join us at 8pm EST for a 30 minute webinar

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Sorry for the short notice!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusen

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Chef Katrina - Marketing Bad Ass. She is passionate about working with network marketers, home business owners, and entrepreneurs, helping them successfully build their business. In her down time loves to dance, cook, laugh, and play with her dog Katie.


  • Jaye Carden


    I would believe in the products that reliv have regardless of me ever taking them. I would not of said that a couple years ago, because I hadn’t yet began with these type of companies. Now I realize more than ever the power and importance behind it, and the products themselvs. Many people can benefit from this company without a doubt.
    Jaye Carden recently posted..Sometimes Free Cost MoreMy Profile

    • Katrina


      Agree. I was reading a blog post from another network marketer and he made a valid point. MLM nutritional companies only use the best ingredients. They have to because a mlm is built on word of mouth and people only share what they believe in and see results with.

      That is what makes a MLM so unique. It is people help people and providing a service. Thank you for adding a valuable comment and sharing your thoughts on my blog. Really appreciate you!