Proper Etiquette for Social Media

Proper Etiquette for Social Media Ever read a blog and it just rubs you the wrong way and you feel the urge to write a comment that isn’t so nice? What is proper etiquette for social media? Take a look at our commercials on T.V. right now. How do you feel when you see slander…

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Sharing Content on Google+

How to Share Specific Content on Google+ If you haven’t been exposed to it yet check out google+. You many think it is just another social media site and that Google is a little late in the game but I am sharing this will you because google+ does play into SEO ranking on google. It…

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Introduction to using My Lead System Pro

Where do you start with My Lead System Pro? Are you asking yourself, “Now What?” once you sign up for My Lead System Pro a.k.a MLSP? Well, I am glad you asked this question and I am going to give you a very simple answer to your questions. What is the Answer? Start at the…

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